Anthony boyd, just cities lab project manager

Anthony Boyd is a native Detroiter.  He attended and graduated from Mackenzie High School.  Following High School, Anthony went on to serve in the United States Air Force where he was honorably discharged. After the Air Force, he attended Jordan College where he received an associate's degree in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration.  He went to the University of Michigan in pursuit of a degree in computer engineering.  Anthony recently obtained his life coaching certification (Institute for Life Coach Training) and his A+ CE Certification (A Detroit School for Digital Technology).

Anthony has had first-hand experience with the criminal justice system and is deeply passionate about improving the way inmates are treated while they are incarcerated.  He has a special interest in creating preventive measures for young black males and seeing changes that make a difference.  Anthony believes that society needs to reform educational models and to delve into the root causes that contribute to disruptive behaviors in young black males.  He also believes that because the prison population is primarily made up of  African American Males, but supervised by their culturally different counterparts, the system lacks cultural diversity/sensitivity training for its employees.    

Anthony has gained an increased understanding of the black/white sentencing disparities, racial and ethnic disparities in and outside of imprisonment and is committed to being a force where changes are being made locally and nationally.  He continues to participate in various workgroups on identifying alternatives to punitive and restorative justice.  He is concerned with not only what has worked but what needs improvement in order for returning citizens to be productive and sustain long-lasting success.  Anthony is currently involved with several groups aimed at addressing mass incarceration: ReCA (Re-entry Coaching Academy) with The U. S Attorney General Western District of Pennsylvania; Project PEACE (Universal Empowerment Center for Women, Children and Families Inc.); Washington Parks Academy Boys Mentoring; Prosper Us Recovery Park (Entrepreneurial Training for Returning Citizens). 

Anthony has worked with HOPE (Help Other People Evolve) as a Life Coach and Mentor. His passion through this project and many others are to help young men by assisting them in reconnecting with their inner wisdom and life purpose.  At McKeen federal correctional facility, Anthony facilitated the Victim's Impact Group and was instrumental in the collaboration to create and bring to life The Peer Facilitator Learning Model.  The model was developed to increase the effectiveness of peer facilitation in prison programming. During his stay at McKean, he worked closely alongside Dr. Tony Gaskew (Director of Criminal Justice-University of Pittsburgh at Bradford) as an Adjunct Professor for The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

Anthony is a Certified Coach (Institute for Life Coach Training) and a certified tutor(Department of Labor).  He has also served as President for the National Lifers of America Chapter 125 (Sponsored by the Chance for Life Organization). During that time, he served as an advocate for restorative justice, team leader and mediation coach.  In addition, Anthony briefly served as a board member for the Chance for Life Organization.  He firmly believes that he has a responsibility and a vested interest in the health and safety of our communities.  He has had the opportunity to work with formerly incarcerated individuals as a life coach with the healing and rebuilding process.  As the Just Cities Lab Project Manager for The Detroit Justice Center he brings a real-life perspective as it relates to re-entry, criminal justice, restorative justice, and second chances.