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What Are Community Legal Workers?

Community Legal Workers are trained community members who will help Detroit residents understand, use, and shape the laws around property tax assessments in Detroit. Instead of turning to traditional lawyers, DJC places the law in the hands of the people to empower them to solve justice problems on their own. DJC has trained four Community Legal Workers who are now prepared to advise clients on the legal process and navigate government systems.

What are Unconstitutional Property Tax Assessments?

The Michigan Constitution states that no property may be assessed at more than 50% of its market value. However, 55 – 85% of properties were assessed at a rate in violation of the Constitution from 2009-2015. Detroit residents can appeal a property assessment to the Board of Assessors Review, but the period for appeal is only February 1 – February 15, a very short time frame.  

DJC’s Community Legal Workers will assist community members in preparing their appeals, accompany clients to the Board, and provide guidance throughout the process.

How Do I Get Help With My Property Tax Assessment?

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Who are the Community Legal Workers?


Sonja K. Bonnett

Community legal worker


Antonia Giles

Community Legal Worker


Chris Delgado

Community Legal Worker


Lauren Thomas

Community Legal Worker