Danielle Dillard, Campaigns & Advocacy Coordinator

Danielle is the Campaigns and Advocacy Coordinator at Detroit Justice Center. Originally from San Diego, CA, Danielle moved to Detroit from Portland OR, where she received her Bachelors of Social Work at the University of Portland. She identifies as a macro social worker with a background in organizing, advocacy, and program development.

She began her professional career with Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste, the farmworker union, where she worked as an organizer, registering and mobilizing the Latinx community to vote. She continued her journey with program development by creating pathways for mental health care professionals to engage in the asylum process, helping to win asylum cases, and then went on to create a deep canvass bilingual program to talk to community members about access to reproductive health care. More recently, she worked in the Michigan midterm elections while advocating for access to affordable health care, one minimum wage, and workers’ rights.

She has dedicated her life experiences to increasing mobility and community participation in politics and advocating for historically marginalized communities. She is especially interested in history and its effects on modern day communities throughout the world and hopes to bring to the surface the intersections of the current immigration system and the criminal justice system.

Deeply guided by her familial history and personal experiences, she is motivated by the complexities of freedom and liberation and brings her ancestors with her in this work as she fights to abolish systems of oppression.