Divesting from Incarceration, Investing in Communities

Juneteenth Celebration/No New Jails Workshop, 2018.

Juneteenth Celebration/No New Jails Workshop, 2018.

What is Divest/Invest & why do we use it as a framework?

The issues facing our clients and communities can at times feel overwhelming, and we believe that in order to find solutions we must take a 360ยบ approach. We engage with individual legal needs daily while also advocating for a more holistic approach to systemic change. Divest/Invest is one of the frameworks we use to approach our advocacy work. It is our belief that we must remove all investments and collective energy from structures which harm our communities and invest in resources that will uplift, heal and provide genuine community safety. We use this framework because we believe that we must build the world we envision as we dismantle systems of oppression.

What does our Divest/Invest work look like?

Locally, we work alongside No New Jails Detroit and have hosted workshops with the Participatory Budgeting Project to develop strategies for divesting from incarceration. We are also working with the Michigan Joint Task Force on Jails and Pretrial Incarceration in the hope of creating better policy solutions to mass incarceration. To learn more about how this approach can be applied to a number of focus areas, we recommend reading this helpful guide put together by Funders For Justice.

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