Sheba Rogers

Sheba Rogers, a Detroit native and family advocate, brings to the board over ten years of experience in the field of educational research, programming, and advocacy for low-income families and children of color. Sheba’s passion for the mission of Detroit Justice Center stems from the direct impact of her mother’s incarceration and that of many of her family members. Sheba presently serves as a Promise of Place Program Manager for the Campaign for Black Male Achievement. In this role Sheba leads national and local convenings; facilitates webinars; writes reports; and provides technical assistance and capacity building supports for leaders working to impact the lives of Black men and boys. Sheba is a co-author of CBMA’s 2018 Promise of Place Report.


In previous roles, Sheba worked with the Children’s Defense Fund as an Education Policy Associate and Director of Michigan Freedom Schools Expansion. Sheba served as CDF’s sole program ambassador in Detroit and helped lead expansion of program sites and build strategic partnerships for the Freedom Schools program. In her role with CDF’s national policy team Sheba helped to co-lead a partnership with school superintendents to support strategic efforts to reduce school suspensions and improve discipline reform in five school districts across the nation. In addition to her program management experience, Sheba has served in a number of research capacities at Northwestern University, University of Michigan, and Harvard University. Sheba holds a bachelor’s degree from Howard University; master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan; and master’s degree in Education from Harvard University.