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“Rasha Almulaiki is also working with the Bail Project. Cowan found her outside Detroit's Wayne County Jail, where she had just made bail for Karena Jones' partner, Bryant, who had been locked up for more than a month. He lost his job because he couldn't make bail, and Karena had to quit hers to take care of their four kids.

"I'm so happy we're able to get you out," Almulaiki said.

"Finally, some help from somebody, some help from somebody," said Jones. "I wasn't getting help from anybody."

For those who worry there's a public safety risk to releasing those who are accused but not convicted, Phil Telfeyan says they need look no further than the nation's capital. Washington, D.C. largely did away with its cash bail system back in 1992, and statistics show it has not caused an increase in crime.”

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Casey Rocheteau