Detroit Bail Project aims to disrupt the process of cash bail and incarceration [Model D]
Asia Johnson. Photo by Nina Ignaczak.

Asia Johnson. Photo by Nina Ignaczak.

“Asia Johnson calls herself a "bail disruptor."

It's a title she's proud of. In her work with The Bail Project, a national nonprofit working toward ending mass incarceration, Johnson has helped a lot of people who have not been convicted of a crime to get released from Wayne County's jails.

Many of those people are fathers. The rate of incarceration of males in 2017 was six times that of females in the United States, which means a lot of fathers are in jail.
The Bail Project, which launched in Detroit in June of 2018, posts bond for people who cannot afford to pay. So far, Johnson and her colleagues have bailed out a total of 199 people. Of those, 72 are fathers. When fathers (and mothers) are jailed, families suffer, says Johnson. Ten percent of children in Michigan have had a parent in jail or prison. And Black children are seven times more likely than white children to have had an incarcerated parent.

That's why The Bail Project, which is housed within the Detroit Justice Center, celebrated fathers in a special event at Focus: Hope on Saturday, June 15. Each one of the fathers in the room would most likely be spending the day in a cell, away from their families, were it not for the program.”

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